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This Service Agreement is Made Between:

The Client/Nominee and All Plan Management and represents all terms and conditions, policies, rights and responsibilities associated with being an All Plan Management client

All Plan Management is a registered provider of supports under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). All Plan Management is an intermediary service that will help you manage and understand your NDIS budget.

This agreement will commence once you acknowledge that you agree to the terms and conditions of All Plan Management listed below.

Service Provider

All Plan Management


66 664 222 753

NDIS Provider Number


Contact Number

1300 634 776 (1300 NDIS PM)

Cost of The Services

All Service costs are governed as per the NDIS Price Guide. For costs, which you have agreed to for the purpose of this Service Agreement, this information is listed below:

  • Refer to NDIS Current Price Guide
  • All prices subject to change in line with the NDIS Price Guide changes
  • All Plan Management Schedule of Fees

Schedule of Supports

All Plan Management agrees to provide financial intermediary services to the Participant. The supports and their prices are set out in the attached Schedule of Supports. All prices are GST inclusive (if applicable) and include the cost of providing the supports.

Our responsibilities as your Plan Manager

We will:

    • communicate openly and honestly in a timely manner
    • treat you with courtesy and respect and deliver our services in a fair, equitable and transparent manner
    • listen, understand and provide information to help you achieve your needs, goals and preferences stated in your NDIS plan
    • facilitate prompt payment of invoices for supports identified in your plan and track expenditure on provider supports, against your budget (in accordance with NDIA requirements)
    • provide monthly financial statements showing how your funding is tracking alongside your plan
    • provide participant access to the organisation’s plan management system ‘entiprius’ so they can access all invoices and check how the plan budget is tracking
    • keep accurate and detailed records of required evidence and information needed to monitor and make a claim for funds from your plan.

All Plan Management does not:

  • take any responsibility or liability if you over-spend from your budgets or run out of funds before the end of your plan
  • take any responsibility or liability if you purchase supports that are not compliant with the National Disability Insurance Scheme Act or any other NDIS rules or guidelines
  • approve payments or invoices on behalf of the NDIS. Please note that our ability to create a payment request and finalise payment on your behalf does not mean the NDIS has approved your purchase or will approve your purchase during an audit.

Your responsibilities

As the participant named in this service agreement, you agree to:

  • tell us what we need to know to help you achieve your needs, goals and preferences stated in your NDIS plan
  • inform us immediately if your plan is suspended or replaced by a new plan or you stop being a participant in the NDIS
  • adhere to our 72-hour approval policy if automatic approval has not been provided
  • let us know if you have any concerns about our services and/or invoicing from a support provider
  • give us the required notice to end this agreement (see Ending the Service Agreement clause below).

You agree we can:

  • access the Participant's NDIS funding that has been made available through their NDIS plan, via the NDIS online portal
  • use the information in the Participant's online portal to set up their plan management services and begin processing invoices and reimbursements
  • discuss the Participant's plan with the NDIA and/or its delegates (such as a Local Area Coordinators or Support Coordinator)
  • discuss with Support Providers services that have been, or will be, delivered by them to the Participant.


All Plan Management will claim directly from the NDIA for our support services to you.

Should the NDIA amend any rates associated with our services, we will automatically update our fees in accordance with the NDIS Price Guide. No action will be required by you.

All Plan Management will pay for all other support services on your behalf if the below requirements are met.

  1. The support services or Items to be purchased satisfy the test for reasonable and necessary supports as defined by the NDIA.
  2. Claims for these supports or Items are successful with the NDIA.

Invoice Processing

Where plan funding is available, All Plan Management will process invoice payments automatically on the participant’s behalf when an invoice is successfully submitted to email hidden; JavaScript is required. This is called ‘Automatic Approval’.

Review for approval (check and approve)

The participant can choose to approve invoices automatically or review and approve or reject each invoice individually by email, text, phone or entiprius App.

The participant must approve or reject the invoice within 72 hours. If the invoice is not actioned within 72 hours All Plan Management will automatically process the invoice and payment will be made to the provider.


All Plan Management manages personal information in accordance with the Privacy Act 1998. The participant’s personal information is protected by law and can only be given to someone else where the law allows or requires it, or where the Participant gives permission.

Managing conflicts of interest

All Plan Management strives to manage any conflict of interest as it occurs. The Conflict of Interest Policy is available on request.

Good and Services Tax (GST)

For the purpose of GST Legislation, the parties confirm that:

  • a supply of supports under this Service Agreement is a supply of one or more of the reasonable supports specified in the statement included, under subsection 33(2) of the National Disability Insurance Scheme Act 2013 (NDIS Act), in the Participant’s NDIS Plan currently in effect under section 37 of the NDIS Act
  • All Plan Management will pay GST as specified in the National Disability Insurance Scheme Act 2013 (NDIS Act)

Feedback, Complaints and Disputes

To provide feedback or make a complaint, the Participant may contact All Plan Management as follows:

Call: All Plan Management, Manager 0435 941 008

Email: email hidden; JavaScript is required

Mail: PO Box 446, Bundaberg Qld 4670

In the event that a complaint is not resolved to the Participant’s satisfaction, the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission can be contacted on 1800 035 544 or via a complaint form on their website at

Further information is also available at

Ending this service agreement

Should either party wish to end this Service Agreement, 30 days’ notice in writing must be provided. If either party seriously breaches this service agreement, the requirement of notice will be waived. If both parties agree to terminate the service agreement in a shorter time frame, this can be done subject to operational timelines.


DisclaimerAll Plan Management provides information in good faith, to the best of our knowledge. However, regular changes to the NDIS rules, guidelines, Price Guide and Support Catalogue may affect this accuracy and therefore All Plan Management gives no assurance as to the accuracy of any information or advice given. Any advice given by All Plan Management outside of financial administration advice shall be considered general in nature.

This service agreement will be continuous until notice to cancel is given in writing.

Doc #: APM_001.4 | Established: 21/08/2023
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